Event photography services

We usually will estimate the size and type of the event for the appropriate equipment to bring along with us as well as the number of the photographers and/or assistants required to cover the assignment. We have a mobile studio which can travel to your location. It has all necessary professional quality lights, light modifiers (umbrellas, soft boxes, color gels, etc.), various light stands, background support system with a set of backgrounds and the rest of the necessary photo equipment. Our services and prices are flexible.

We charge a minimum of £150 pounds for 2 hours of work based within 50 miles of London. With this package you will be charged an extra £1 per mile (one direction only) if it is located farther. For this price you will get a DVD with around 30-50 high resolution photos with minimal processing (like exposure and white balance correction). We would usually ask you for 50% deposit before commencing the assignment and the rest payable upon its completion.

There are a few options available to add to the Basic event photography:

Extra photography time
We usually will charge additional £50 per hour per photographer for the additional time required to cover your event. The price for a full 8 hour day event photography service is £400 and we will travel up to 100 miles from London. For the extra distance you will be charged our standard rate of £1 per mile in one direction only.

Digital retouching
There are times when you might not avoid that annoying spot on your face that is hard to mask with the make-up or someone has drank a little bit over and now appears too red or too pale compared to the others. In this cases we'll offer you a "digital make-up" that will get rid of it on one or every frame we present you. The price for this service start at £10 per picture.

We can also take portraits whilst on location. This is best discussed well in advance as the number and type of portraits required way well become the main assignment taking most of the time leaving no space for the main event.
Please read more about our portrait photography.

All prices here are for guidelines only and are subject to negotiation. We very much wouldn't like to be "tough" with prices, while flexibility and quality of service are high on our priority list.

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