Portrait photography services

We have a mobile studio which can travel to your location. It has all necessary professional quality lights, light modifiers (umbrellas, soft boxes, color gels, etc.), various light stands, background support system with a set of backgrounds and the rest of the necessary photo equipment.

For our work we use highest quality digital photo cameras which are now surpass the quality of the traditional film cameras. Besides the quality, digital allows us to save on film and scanning costs which we happily pass on to you.

As you may see from the samples we are very much "in tune" with modern imaging techniques. We do a lot of retouching to some of the portraits and almost none to the others. It all depends on your requirements as well as our vision on how to best show your character. There are times when you might not avoid that annoying spot on your face that is hard to mask with the make-up. In this cases we'll offer you a "digital make-up" that will get rid of it on every frame we present you. We also may employ a more drastic technique of "digital celebrity" which allows us to modify the shape of certain parts of your body. This is the most involved method, but ultimately the result will be achieved: you will be satisfied with your look and other people will be surprised with "new you" !

We will travel up to 50 miles from London free of charge. Photography session usually takes no more than 4 hours during which at least 100 shots will be taken.
There are several options available:

Option 1: Raw quality
You may buy all of them for £200 pounds on a CD or DVD in their original form and then select the good ones yourself.

Option 2: The best look
The photographer will recommend you 10 best photos which then will be enhanced using our standard retouching techniques to give you the best look. "Digital make-up" may be applied to some or all of the shots. The resulting photos will be supplied to you in high resolution on a CD or DVD. This service costs £250 pounds which in our opinion is a better value than Option 1.

Option 3: Selected perfection
The photographer and you will carefully select a few shots that will be turned into absolute perfect images of you. Those photos will be processed with the utmost attention to the details. We will first discuss the final look the photograph should be and then we will select the best retouching techniques which most definitely will include "digital make-up" or even "digital celebrity". This service is recommended for very important photos and when you want to make large prints (sizes A3 to A0). The resulting photo will be supplied in the original and optimized for large prints format on a CD. This service costs £200 pounds for the first photograph and £99 pounds for the consecutive ones.

Please click here to see an example of what could be achieved.

The options and prices above are just for the guidelines. In many cases you may want a combination of the mentioned options or something more individual to suit your photographic needs - we are here to help !

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