Wedding photography services

For you to better understand our approach to wedding photography we outline two main styles of wedding photography: formal and informal.

This is the most traditional form of wedding photography. Closely arranged shots of the bride and groom, the families, bridesmaids and the whole party. The fact that the formal pictures are posed and static means that they are great for showing who was at your wedding but they don't show the spirit or the energy of the event. If you opt for a set of formal shots only, it will minimise the length of time the photographer has to spend with you.

This style differs from the formal one in that the photos are not posed. Instead of setting up the picture the essence of the approach is to capture the action and intimate moments. This approach sets out to depict the energy and spirit of the day. The photographer moves amongst the guests to catch the small but important details: a laugh, a hug, a kiss, sometimes a tear or a guest acting foolishly. It is these highlights that create the atmosphere and make the wedding to be your personal one. You will have an intimate record of your wedding day. This style requires the photographer to be present for the most of your wedding day. Unposed pictures mean that many more photos have to be taken to ensure good coverage and a good range of images for you.

We would always recommend that you have a mixture of the two styles, but it's up to you to make an accent on one or the other style.

Whenever possible we usually take multiple and almost identical shots of the same subject to ensure that we have an option to select the best one out of the sequence. The number of frames is often doubled or tripled when photographing large groups of people where it is more likely that someone will blink, yawn or hide their face behind something. Later in the studio we will be spending a lot of time sorting your photos to ensure that only the best ones reach your attention.

We will travel to any location within 100 miles from London free of charge.

We appreciate that our clients might have different budgets for their weddings, so we are flexible in providing you with the best photo services and products tailored to your requirements. If you decide to subscribe to our wedding photography services we will require £250 deposit to guarantee our availability on the agreed day. This deposit will be offset from the total costs of our services.

Here are the options:

This is actually the time that the photographer will spend with you to capture your precious moments. This could be as little as 3 hours to cover just the formal ceremony or as long as 3 weeks to cover your wedding day as well as the preparation for it and your honeymoon. We are flexible.
The basic rate for 3 hours work to cover just the formal ceremony is £499.
On the other hand you can have the whole day coverage from the first moments of preparation in the morning to the last guest leaving the reception in the late evening for £999.
Anything in between is up for negotiation as we strive to give you the best value for your requirements. If you order a honeymoon coverage you'll get a substantial discount as compared to the full daily rate.

The prints are ordered separately. Prices depend on the image size and the print media and vary from £6 for a 5"x7" ( 127mm x 177mm) print on glossy paper to £500 for A0 (841mm x 1189mm / 33"x47") print on canvas with lamination on a wooden frame.
We can print on high quality photo glossy or satin paper in any size. From size A4 (210 mm x 297 mm / 8.25"x11.75") to A0 (841mm x 1189mm / 33"x47") we can print on canvas which will be stretched on a wooden frame with a hanger attached on the back. All prints on canvas are protected with a special layer of plastic that considerably increases the life of your print. In the future it will allow you apply damp cloth to its surface while cleaning it from the dust without the risk of damaging the print.
All of the prints are made using a professional grade photo printing machines with photo layer lasting for up to 100 years. If your prints arrive damaged and it's not your fault we will replace them free of charge providing you return to us the damaged items. Bride and Groom will receive a 50% discount on their first order.

Digital Negatives
You can order all of your high resolution images on a DVD for your own printing although the copyrights still vest with the photographer. Ensure that you have our written permission before making reprints, selling the photos or submitting them to a magazine or newspaper. The price for the 1st copy of the DVD (or a set of DVDs if all photos don't fit on one) is 25% of the photography price. Subsequent copies are charged at £10.

We can offer you several choices of the albums to arrange your prints in. The price for the album varies from £20 to £100 pounds depending on the quality, style and size. We usually leave it for the Bride and Groom to make their own provisions for the albums as most of them know what they want to buy or have bought it already.

Personal Website
A personal web site will be created which will contain all your wedding photos. It will be available free of charge for the period of 6 month from the date of your wedding which you can extend for a small fee of £50 per year. On this website it will be possible to order additional prints in various formats and styles. It is a very convenient feature as you don't have to remember whom you have and whom you have not given your wedding photos - everyone can go there and order their favourite shots in their favourite sizes. You will be given a special password that will unlock access to your wedding photos web site. You will decide who to give this password to. A good idea is to give it to as many people as possible including all your relatives and friends who attended your wedding and also to those who were away and couldn't come to your special event. It may be useful to include it into your wedding invitation if you have one.

Digital Image Correction
We only use the highest quality equipment on any stage of photographic imaging, but being the best doesn't mean perfect, so errors are inevitable. We normally do all necessary adjustments for exposure or white balance errors meaning that all your photos will be technically correct. We don't feel that it is fair to charge you for our errors or errors of our equipment. Nevertheless there are times when you might not avoid that annoying spot on your face that is hard to mask with the make-up. In this cases we'll offer you a "digital" make-up that will get rid of it on one or every frame we present you. The price for this service start at £10 per picture.

Digital Retouching
Digital retouching is a higher level of image manipulation. Modern image editing techniques allow us to do miracles to your photos.

Please click here to see an example of what could be achieved.

Digital Art
You may also enjoy one or a few "arty" photos where digital retouching will be obvious. This is quite an involved process the result of which is hard to predict as it is more "digital art" than photography which will employ abstract imagination of the artist and maybe with your vision also. We would like to think that this is a new thing in wedding photography which makes us unique in this special way. If you think you might like to try this, we can present you with one processed photo of our choice with our choice of styling and no obligation to buy. In case you like it and/or would like to have more than just 1 "arty" photo then it is all up for discussion in terms of specific styles and ideas. Prices are highly negotiable as well as delivery times.

Our recommendation
Our recommendation is that you set aside not less than £1000 to be fully satisfied with your wedding memories documented on photos. You probably would spend about 20% of your wedding budget on the professional wedding photography. When the reception is over and all your guests are gone don't make yourself regret that you didn't pay enough attention to the photography, but plan well in advance and let the excitement continue knowing that you will have the best photos of your best day !

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